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While I haven’t been cooking much, my lovely colleague Matty has been showing me the ropes on being the master of all things video.

Last weekend, we did a little video excursion to The Coffee Bar, an exquisite little spot a few blocks from our apartment. It was one of those perfect fall days — a little breezy, but ideal for sitting in a neighborhood bay window, chatting about potential Halloween costumes and a fascination with horror films (and the difference between scary/gory movies, and the actual genre of horror). It helps to have a film expert with you :)

Anyway, Matty did all of the artistic filming (next on my list of things I’d like her to teach me!) but she helped show me the ropes in Final Cut Pro to put these two videos together.

The second video is a compilation of footage from my quick trip to Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend — we had a great family dinner in my parents’ backyard. I can’t wait to get home to see them again for Thanksgiving!

Anyway, hope you all have a great Halloween weekend :)

Pimm’s Cup



Woo hoo, check out the first Sweetsonian video! That is if you don’t count this one.

My talented colleague and friend, Matty, came over one Saturday, and directed a fun video on how to mix up your very own Pimm’s Cup — which has been my cocktail of choice all summer. Why stop at fall? I’ll probably be drinking them all winter long, too.

In other news, I’m working on building up my Etsy shop again — check out some pretty photos (or cocktail prints here and here).

Pimm’s cup recipe derived from Food52.


music to cook to // october 2014



music to cook to // october 2014 // sweetsonian

I missed September’s playlist, so here it is… in October. Will you ever forgive me?

It’s been a crazy couple of months. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been struggling for the inspiration (and the time) required to put together recipe posts. In the meantime, I’ve been putting together posts about other pretty things that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do :)




instalately // sweetsonian

1. Cappuccino for breakfast. Not pictured: the almond croissant that I inhaled before my friend met up with me. Yes, I confessed — but only because she tried to get me to split a chocolate croissant at Dolcezza on 14th Street.

2. Too cool — I finally made it to another Creative Mornings DC event. This time, it was at an amazing space called the Blind Whino, located near the Waterfront metro stop. Imagine a church, covered in graffiti and filled with artwork and awesome people.

3. Abe Lincoln with a plane! I’ve been working on toting my big girl camera around with me more consciously. One night, my friend Matty and I biked down to the mall with our Nikons and worked on some night photos of the monuments. It was beautiful! Hoping to start selling some here.

4. The Instagram community of DC is pretty cool, and they do meet ups every now and then. I managed to make one of them at the Portrait Gallery, here in DC. Here’s a tilted photo from one of the American art exhibits.

5. I’ve been doing a good amount of freelance work for Cava Grill lately, and luckily for me, the work isn’t just about the food. They announced a new location at DCA opening in 2015, so Liz and I headed down to Gravelly Point to take some photos to show off the drastic improvement in airport cuisine.

6. The commute to work, depending on the bus, sometimes leads me past the striking Hirschhorn Museum. Check out its beauty on a cloudless morning.

7. This weekend, I spent a couple of hours at Crafty Bastards, a huuuuge artists’ market hosted at Union Market. I did a photo shoot recently for the incredibly talented (and incredibly lovely) Carolyn of Matine. After shooting her lookbook, I spent about a month pining over this spotted calf hair clutch… and I managed to snare the last one she had. Next up? This scallop clutch will be making its way to my collection in the next few months.

8. It’s knitting season again! Oh, who am I kidding? I knit all summer, because I’m 27 going on 84. Here’s a grocery bag filled with wool from the Dupont farmer’s market. Planning on making a ridiculously chunky circle scarf. I’ll need something to keep my face from freezing off when the bike rides down 15th street take a turn towards frigid.

Weekend scenes



art all night // sweetsonian

{ art all night in shaw // shaw public library }

art all night // sweetsonian

{ art all night in shaw // face art }

art all night // sweetsonian

{ art all night in shaw // creepy fish sculpture }

art all night // sweetsonian

{ art all night in shaw // color }

crafty bastards // sweetsonian

{ crafty bastards // ladies at union market }

deer selfie // sweetsonian

{ crafty bastards // april’s #deerselfie }

crafty bastards // sweetsonian

{ crafty bastards // it took, like, 5 minutes to get someone to agree to take this photo for us }

ted's bulletin on 14th st // sweetsonian

{ ted’s bulletin on 14th // burger brunch }

ted's bulletin on 14th st // sweetsonian

{ ted’s bulletin on 14th // menus are newspapers }

ted's bulletin on 14th st // sweetsonian

{ ted’s bulletin on 14th // you beautiful, beautiful burger, you. }

Last-chance gazpacho



last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

I’ve had these photos in store, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and put together a decent set of words.

There’s probably just a handful of days left in DC for grabbing summer tomatoes — run! do so quickly! — so I figured I needed to post this recipe ASAP.

It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks, filled with freelancing and negotiating photo rights, but I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend filled with yoga, sleep, and reading. I’m putting a do-not-disturb sign on my life. Have a great fall weekend! Xo.

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

last-chance gazpacho // sweetsonian

Last chance gazpacho, as inspired and dictated by Rebecca Matulka  (more…)

Pretty gray things.



shades of gray // sweetsonian


I’m having trouble believing that September is already halfway over, and that the weather has cooled down so nicely. It was a mild summer (and I actually hung around DC and actually loved it). But fall is by far my favorite season, and Em and I reinstated our tea-before-bed ritual in the apartment, so I’m pretty much ecstatic that boot weather is back and that I can use the weather as an excuse to hermit myself with a few episodes of The Good Wife, Red Zinger, and the knitting project du jour.

I’ve recently been shifting my obsession with all-white-everything in decor to all gray. It’s kind of perfect for the shift in temperature, and moving forward, it will probably be my decor theme.

1. This marble swivel-top box would look lovely in a white kitchen. It’s also the perfect box to hold earrings and rings.

2. Snuggle up with a book and a cup of coffee in this Kate Spade dotted mug. Swoon.

3. I recently switched my white cotton duvet cover for H&M’s linen duvet set in light gray — and I’m obsessed. I didn’t think it was possible to love my down comforter any more… and it is.

4. Can I live in this sweatshirt? (I realize that this post is my way of acknowledging my need to spend all day in bed.)

5. A friend in New York has been hounding me for apartment decor advice, so naturally, I steered her towards some of my favorite things on the internet (many things I simply want for myself). This rug is high on that list. Check out the rest here.

6. Not sure where this photo is from, but I’ve been following this account and this account on Instagram, and they have the coolest knitting projects. I love that people are making knitting cool.


What’s in my ONA: The Roma Camera Bag Insert




Happy Wednesday! Before I left for my trip to Montana, I knew I needed a camera bag insert that I could fit in my Lo & Sons Catalina bag. The ONA Roma was perfect — it was surprisingly spacious, and I managed to fit my camera body and two favorite lenses, plus a plethora of smaller gear pieces that I needed for the trip. Check out more photos, and read the lovely write up on my gear!

And if you’re a fan of beautiful photos and stylish photography bags, follow ONA on Instagram and Twitter. Fact — I’m saving up for this bag. How gorgeous is that cognac leather?




Quick bread and butter pickles



quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

Quick post as I catch up on projects and emails — bread and butter pickles are my absolute favorite. This recipe is fast, simple, and will leave you with the perfect pickle to throw on sandwiches, mix into salads or deviled eggs, and to eat straight out of the jar with a fork.

Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend! Xo.

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

quick bread and butter pickles // sweetsonian

Quick bread and butter pickles - small batch, for two pint jars  (more…)


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